The 9 Tinder Pictures Proven To Work Best For Regular Guys

The 9 Tinder Pictures Proven To Work Best For Regular Guys

Do you use or have you used Tinder and for some unknown reason you don’t match? Keep on reading and we guarantee you will get more likes, super likes and connect with people much more compatible with you. I am a professional photographer with 20 years of experience. “These are the best photos I’ve ever had, plus I’m getting 5-6x more matches.” Most of our shoots are edited and delivered in less than a week.

This comes back to the brain’s preference for simple images. It all comes down to “cognitive workload,” which is a fancy term for how hard your brain has to work to interpret what you’re seeing. The last thing you want to do in your primary Tinder photo is fade into the background. That said, if you want a relationship, try Match. There’s less hooking up, more women looking for a partner.

The online dating advice columns are right about this one. Both in terms of the number of Matches he got on Tinder, as well as in the feedback from girls up to age 25. Change him to the approachable look however, and Ty is back in the running with a solid 6% average match rate. Another long held piece of online dating dogma says that dating pictures with animals are natural chick magnets. The male to female ratio on Tinder – according to recent reports – is 9 to 1. This means that more men are competing for fewer women, which also means that unless your photos are way above average, you will rarely get enough likes.

  • If that hand weren’t there this photo would be awesome, but it is, so it shouldn’t be used.
  • Should be JUST OF YOU, it can be an activity picture, but no other people.
  • Aim to use just one picture from the shoot at a time on your dating profile.
  • What that type of woman is, I can only speculate.
  • To top it off, I understand how uncomfortable it is to be in front of the camera.

If you’re not seeing the results you deserve, it might be time to get a high-converting profile that works for you. Ty is a younger guy with big hair, big guns, and tats. But he’s going to be limited to younger girls, and who are specifically into that.

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Photos with low light lose quality and also do not transmit as well as well-lit photos with lots of light. One of the keys is to avoid being against the light, always have the light facing you or from the side.

Had I run this test for a guy with an average, or below average smile, I’m confident the stoic pictures would have gotten more matches. Joseph had either relaxed squinched eyes, or a huge genuine smile. These are 2 reliable keys to a successful eye contact Tinder photo for men. In Joseph’s case , it got him slightly more matches, while the stoic look still resulted in more inbound messages. Personally, I’ve always suspected there’s something about the stoic look that invites a woman to initiate conversation. While the friendly smile, signals to the woman that he’s about to make the first move. But a fun group photo isn’t necessarily a bad thing, provided she’s got some solo pics on her profile.

Worst Photos To Use On Tinder: Are Selfies Bad For Tinder? Should I Post A Shirtless Pic On Tinder

A person that doesn’t smile is thought of as untrustworthy and aggressive. These aren’t traits we want in the dudes we date, especially if they’re strangers. Dressing well, wearing a nice watch, or being pictured on a rooftop bar are all status symbols that women are attracted to. Look man, Tinder is the perfect place to brag jollyromance about how awesome you are. Don’t be afraid to post a photo or two of you at your swankiest.

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BONUS: The Travel Shot

The lack of traction you are experiencing is not a reflection on you but on the quality of that first picture. Online dating isn’t nearly as difficult as it looks. We can show you the ropes and make sure your profile is set up for success. Make sure to wear your first outfit to the shoot, then we’ll do the outfit changes throughout the session to switch up your look.

While cookie-cutter, these types of photos have proven to give you the best chances of landing a match. Most photographers will and should be taking a decent amount of photos to get the best shot. Most people can pick up when something isn’t natural. Keep in mind you will have to meet up with your match and she’s going to see your smile.