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Encountering Jesus Today was created to be a “Home Base” for anyone who seeks to develop a deeper, daily, real life relationship with Jesus.

Our focus is inspiration, reflection, and tools for growing faith and discipleship. Inspiration is central to faith since passion is the primary driving element in the life of faith and discipleship. Reflection has never been more necessary in our age of distraction, noise and anxiety.

New Release

When it comes to following Jesus, what’s the difference between being a good disciple and a great one? What’s the difference between a placid Sunday assembly and a parish community on fire with the gospel?

In this thoughtful and practical book, John Lozano challenges us not to settle for just the good, but to strive for greatness, to become disciples fervent and fearless in sharing the good news of Jesus’ message everywhere.

“Theory is one thing, practice another. While sketching out Pope Francis’ hope and dream that we all become missionary disciples, Deacon John Lozano describes the ways and means of doing this in a practical, pastoral, and challenging fashion. A revolutionary guidebook here!"

- Bishop Robert F. Morneau, Green Bay, Wisconsin


Discipleship and… A Bad Attitude

Jonah is the one person in the bible that can make you both laugh and cry; he is tragic and successful at the same time. You all know the story. God calls Jonah to preach to Nineveh and Jonah takes a boat going directly in the opposite direction– essentially saying no to God’s call.

A large fish shallows Jonah and he spends three days and nights in the belly of the fish from which he prays to God. The fish then spews, vomits Jonah on the shore. (It doesn’t take much imagination to see how horrible and disgusting his experience with the fish was; this is the bible’s way of saying where we end up when we run from God’s call.)