“Theory is one thing, practice another. While sketching out Pope Francis’ hope and dream that we all become missionary disciples, Deacon John Lozano describes the ways and means of doing this in a practical, pastoral, and challenging fashion. A revolutionary guidebook here!"

- Bishop Robert F. Morneau, Green Bay, Wisconsin

In Becoming a Fervent Disciple, John Lozano explores what it really means to follow Jesus. Too often, he says, we tend to be satisfied with being "good" disciples when God calls us to be "great" ones.

Too often our Christian spirit gets "tamed and domesticated, the edge dulled, the fire cooled." It's the difference between a placid Sunday assembly and a parish community on fire with the gospel. In a series of insightful and practical chapters, Lozano shows you how to push past the good and to strive for greatness, to become a joyful disciple, fervent and fearless in sharing the good news of Jesus' message everywhere in your life each day.

These simple, effective steps for becoming a more fervent disciple are meant for all of us, for, as Pope Francis has said, "No one is excluded from the joy brought by the Lord."

In Good News in Bad Times, Lozano draws from his wealth of personal life experience, and from the lives of those he has met on his faith journey, to prove that with crisis comes opportunity—opportunity to open our eyes and arms to God’s strength.